by Fortune's Fool

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Phoenix Herrera - Vocals
Jonathon Wedlund - Guitar
London Bell - Guitar
Matt Meehan - Drums
Drandon Valley - Bass


released June 24, 2017

Recorded and edited by Schylar Woods at Wescott Pro Audio
Mixed and mastered by JJ Corirossi at Catalyst Studios
Album art and logo by Joshua Green.



all rights reserved


Fortune's Fool Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hardcore from The Springs.

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Track Name: Intro/Out of Time
"Out Of Time"

You've been running around with your head cut off,
Living your life like it's a fucking joke.
Wasting your days
Nothing to show
Don't scream for my help when you're at the end of the rope.

Deceitful eyes capture your soul.
Ravish your brain, you think they hold you afloat.
Forget the place you used to call home
You destroyed it on your own.

Wasting your life
Decay with regret
Wasting affection, end up alone in your head.
Wasting your life
Decay with regret
Wasting my breath to end up left for dead.
Track Name: Filth (feat. Easy Money)

Out to fit a mold of social status,
Put up a fraudulent front.
Occupied with shit that doesn't matter.
Climb the latter just to get lynched by a rope.
Filthy wasteful heads get in line with the sniper's scope.
Our world doesn't need spineless sheep
Our world isn't only yours to keep.

Dissolution of what this means,
6 feet deep in vain. (X2)

Burnt out scum, pompous pigs, your time is up.
Nowhere to run, bridges burned, we're out for blood.

We leave the outside with anger in our fists.
We've had the noose wrapped tight around our necks.
We breathe this doctrine in our chest,
We live to suffer and die at best.

(Easy Money)
Look to the real and they'll show you the pieces.
This world aint built for you.
Swinging with anger, I'm over the line.
The day will come when I snap and you're next.
Track Name: Trephination

A life full of battles
Within myself.
Trephinate me
To death, get me out of my head.

Rid this beast
from my soul.
Help me,
She's taking control.

Been the culprit for too long
Done far too much wrong.
I'm done being chained by your sick thoughts
I need to save myself before I cave.

Throw her to the fucking wolves.
Drill holes through the skull.
Release me from your grip
I'm just ready to let go.

After everything that you put me through,
These are my last words

In torment.

Of living hell.

Help me, she's taking control.
Track Name: Estimated Time of Death

My eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep
Demons in my skin and I can't seem to breathe.
Suffocated by my own company.
Frozen water can preserve my body.

Left in the lake, don't come looking for me.
Inching eternal sleep, postmortem lividity.

Nothing but the darkness
Eating at my strength.
I swear this is the end of me
Do it slow so I feel the pain.
Life quenched my will to survive,
Arms wide open to hell on the other side.

Reapers cloak slides across my back.
Hope is what I now lack.
Left in the lake to debase.
One last breath until I finally get some peace.
Pent up feelings deep inside
A disgusting life and no guidance in sight.

Let the scythe lacerate my eyes.

Skin is stained
Soulless face (x2)